“Alabama Bound (II)”


"I'm Alabama bound, I'm Alabama bound/And if the train don't stop and turn around/I'm Alabama bound"; "Don't you leave me here... If you must go... leave me a dime for beer"; "Don't you be like me... You can drink... sherry wine and let the whiskey be."


This should not be confused with "Alabama Bound (I)." - PJS

Norm Cohen tells Paul Stamler that "Don't You Leave Me Here," a song sung by Jelly Roll Morton, not only shares lyrics with but is a version of this song. In the absence of a definitely traditional version of the latter, we leave the question open. - (PJS, RBW)

There is also a popular song, "Alabamy Bound," with words and music by Bud De Sylva, Bud Green, and Ray Henderson, published in 1925. As far as I can determine, it's not related to this song. - PJS

Cross references


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  • Trixie Smith, "Railroad Blues" (Paramount 12262, 1925)


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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1934 (Lomax), but elements at least were part of the 1925 Trixie Smith recording
Found in: US(So)