“A Virgin Most Pure”


"A virgin most pure, as the prophets do tell, Hath brought forth a baby, as it hath befell." "Set sorrows aside; Christ Jesus, our Savior, was born on this tide." Jesus is born in Bethlehem, in a stable -- you know the rest


The history of this song is a little murky; according to the _New Oxford Book of Carols_, the "rejoice and be merry" refrain and 11-syllable lines is attested as early as 1661. It then fades away for a century and a half until found in Gilbert and Sandys. Bradley cites the tune as "Admiral Benbow" as given in Chappell. - RBW


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  2. Roud #1378
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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1822 (Gilbert)
Keywords: Jesus religious animal
Found in: Britain(England)