“A Poor Sinner”


"Hark, sinner, hark, while I relate, What happened in Kentucky state. A poor young woman lately died; She dropped from all her wealth and pride." Led astray by a young man, she turned ungodly. Dying, she bids farewell; her mother says she will go to hell

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Poor Sinner, A
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From Dorothy Scarborough, A Song Catcher in Southern Mountains,
p. 73. Collected from Mrs. J. G. Stikeleather, Asheville,
North Carolina

Hark, sinner hark, whilst I relate
  What happened in Kentucky state.
A nice young lady late have died,
  Falling from all her wealth and pride.

Come, father, mother, sister, too
  Now I must bid you all adieu.
They closed her eyes, her nails turned blue,
  And thus she bid them all adieu.

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Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1937 (Scarborough)
Keywords: death hell
Found in: US(SE)