“The Irrawaddy”

Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1947 (Ranson)
Keywords: sea ship wreck commerce theft shore
Found in: Ireland


Fragment: "The curse upon Crossgadden, likewise his robbing crew; They robbed the Irrawaddy and the John R Skiddy, too"


Ranson: "The 'John R Skiddy' had 430 passengers aboard, all of whom were saved. When the 'Irrawaddy' ran aground ... between four hundred and five hundred people ... boarded the vessel and carried away a large quantity of goods from her.... The coast-guards, evidently, had a hand in the looting for Mr Crossgadden was a coast-guard."

It may be unusual on the Irish coast, but not elsewhere, for coastal inhabitants to consider the cargo and ship remains among wreckage to be a fair source of enrichment. See, for example, "The Old Mayflower" from Newfoundland and "Mariposa" from Labrador. On the other hand see Ranson's "The Middlesex Flora" for similar activity on the Wexford coast. - BS

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