“Teasing Songs”

Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1615 (The Percy Folio Manuscript has one such teasing song, "A Friend of Mine.")
Keywords: bawdy nonballad
Found in: Australia Britain(England) US(MW,So,SW)


A teasing song hints of a bawdy or ribald rhyme, but avoids it at the last minute, as in this example: Suzanne was a lady with plenty of class / Who knocked the boys dead when she wiggled her... Eyes at the fellows as girls sometimes do...."


Legman lumps all teasing songs together under the generic title of "The Handsome Young Farmer." - EC

I do the same thing because I can't tell them apart otherwise. (Hey, I got this job because nobody else would take it, not because I knew what I was doing.) - RBW

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