“Rounding the Horn”

Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1907
Keywords: travel sea ship shore drink sailor whore clothes theft
Found in: Britain(England(North))


Sailor describes hard trip around Cape Horn (in the frigate "Amphitrite"), and the pleasures (mostly female) of shore-leave in Chile. The singer says that Spanish girls are superior to (English) women, who have no enthusiasm and steal your clothes


The brig _Amphitrite_ was built in 1820 and engaged in South American trade. A frigate of the same name was lost in 1833 while carrying female convicts to Australia (see "The Loss of the Amphitrite"). - PJS

Roud, in one of his stranger acts of lumping, combines this with "The Loss of the Amphitrite" [Laws K4]. They only common element I can see is the ship name. - RBW

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