“Liza Jane”

Alternate titles: “Goodbye Liza Jane”; “Saro Jane”; “Little Saro Jane”
Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1917 (Cecil Sharp collection); +1893 (JAFL6)
Keywords: courting drink nonballad work floatingverses
Found in: US(Ap,So)


"Goin' up on the mountain To plant a patch of cane, Make a jug of 'lasses To sweeten Liza Jane. O po' Liza, po' gal, O po' Liza Jane, O po' Liza, po' gal, She died on the train." About moonshine, courting Liza Jane, (and dodging work if possible)


The "Saro Jane" referred to under "Alternate Titles" should not be confused with "Rock About My Saro Jane," which is a different song.

This song is almost certainly of minstrel origin, and shares many floating verses with other, similar minstrel-show songs.

The Rufus Crisp recording, "Ball and Chain", is in fact one of those conglomerated songs incorporating floating verses from a dozen sources; RBW suggests putting it here because more of its verses seem to come from here than anywhere else.

Ditto the George Roark recording; I put it here for want of a better place. It could also go under "Don't Get Trouble In Your Mind," as its lyrics overlap with that song, but it doesn't have the plot theme of rejection. In fact, it doesn't have a plot at all. - PJS

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