“Jamie Raeburn (Caledonia)”

Author: unknown
Earliest date: 1904 (Ford)
Keywords: transportation separation farewell Scotland
Found in: Australia Ireland Britain(Scotland(Aber,Bord)) US(MW)


"My name is (Jamie Raeburn), in Glasgow I was born." Convicted (of a crime he did not commit), he has been sentenced to transportation. He bids farewell to family, sweetheart, and his beloved home in Caledonia. He hopes to return when free


Ford claims that this is based on an actual incident c. 1840, though the details he offers are scant. - RBW

Charters says this has been traced to "a penny broadsheet published in the 1840s," but offers no further details. - PJS

It [may be] possible to date broadside Bodleian 2806 c.14(19) from its note to the ballad shared on the broadside with "James Raeburn." Specifically, for "The Lament of Andrew Brown," there is a note that Brown "is at present lying under Sentence of Death in Forfar Jail for the Murder of Captain Greig [Creig?], on board the Nymph [illegible; perhaps "while"?] on her passage from Montrose to London"; the broadside itself dates the crime as September 6 and the execution January 31. - BS




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