“Billy's Downfall”

Author: probably by "Zozimus" (Michael Moran) (c.1794-1846) (Source: Zimmermann)
Earliest date: 1836 (Zimmermann)
Keywords: Ireland political


The singer swears by all things and people -- O'Connell, King Saul, Zozymus Moran, Dido, the Shannon, Brian Boru, dirty dealers -- that "I ne'er had a hand in King Billy's downfall." Billy will be rebuilt but had better not "dress as before" on July 12.


July 12 is the Gregorian Calendar (adopted in England in 1752) date for celebrating the victory of William III of Orange in the Battle of the Boyne, July 1, 1690.

Zimmermann: The statue "was annually coloured white and decorated with Orange lilies, a scarlet cloak and an orange sash, to commemorate the Protestant victory at the battle of the Boyne." - BS

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